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Overview of AP’s Roles

BCRE’s Active Participants (AP) are required to transparently manage the RE and VA portfolios, in conjunction with the management of blockchain security and audit, smart contracts maintenance, legal and compliance and voting administration. Furthermore, selected APs will be democratically voted in and reviewed annually at the Bricklayer Event.
Overall, the APs provide managerial guidance that is essential to the success of Bricklayer. The collective APs are tasked with developing, enhancing, operating, and promoting the project and are expected to undertake tasks to improve the value of the DAO.
APs are incentivized with tiered allocations of $BRICKS and BCRE income, equivalent to 10% of net Treasury Income. AP positions will be given for various operational, maintenance, executive roles and required to action the tasks decided upon by a majority vote.

Inaugural Elections

The inaugural AP Elections will be conducted following the completion of the first year of the DAO being in operation. These elections will provide licensed board members the chance to self-nominate and propose ideas for new advantageous AP roles.