Converging the realms of real estate (RE) and virtual assets (VA), this Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) emerges as a uniquely diversified, RE Investment platform built on the blockchain, allowing members to directly benefit from licensed privileges linked to Treasury performance.

Always prioritizing the occupier, Bricklayer leverages partnerships with institutional grade tenants to maximize profits whilst reducing operational costs.

The DAO actively fosters community intelligence, offering a quarterly voting platform to democratically influence and improve Treasury performance. Most importantly, Bricklayer is devised for unprecedented expansion, as the project aims to mitigate risk and profit from market cycles.

In contrast to conventional real estate investment platforms, our value proposition is truly innovative. The Treasury maintains a target allocation of 75% in the value of tokenized real estate assets while hedging against a 25% allocation in virtual assets. This balanced approach ensures that the platform harnesses the positive effects of VA market volatility while mitigating any negative impacts, ultimately fostering a stable income stream for the members.

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