Any claims that are not historical facts, such as those in this document, may be deemed forward-looking statements that may be contained in this document or incorporated by reference. This document includes no assurances or warranties about the accuracy of any forward-looking statements. This material's predictions, projections, and estimates are fundamentally speculative and based on many assumptions.

Furthermore, it is conceivable that these forward-looking statements may prove to be inaccurate and that they will be impacted by erroneous assumptions as well as known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, the great majority of which are beyond our control. Therefore, it is fair to assume that any or all these forward-looking assumptions may prove wrong or that actual results may vary significantly from projections.

This white paper has been produced to assist you in completing an educated study of the Bricklayer DAO project; thus, we invite you to read it in its entirety. This content is not intended to be an entire list, nor is it meant to be a complete and thorough depiction of the Bricklayer DAO. This white paper presents estimates, facts, and viewpoints drawn from known and unknown elements and hazards in different formats. In contrast to the expressed viewpoints and any forward-looking language included in this document, the project’s actual performance may vary significantly. This white paper is not meant to be investment or financial advice and should not be interpreted as such. Never depend on the research or effort of another individual.

We make no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of any market pricing, data, or other information based on chosen public market data, reflects current market circumstances, and represents our judgment as of this date and is thus subject to change at any moment without notice.

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