Acquiring 1st Class, Value Add Real Estate

Our goal is to establish the world’s most competitively serviced Real Estate trading entity, incentivizing thousands of real estate professionals and enthusiasts to introduce value-add opportunities to the Bricklayer platform.

Real estate is the world’s biggest asset class. The worldwide real estate industry is projected to increase at a CAGR of 10.5% from $3.38 trillion in 2021 to $3.74 trillion in 2022 (The Business Research Company, 2022) and will act as the perfect hedge against virtual asset volatility on the Bricklayer platform.

The platform is positioned to have a global reach, with no geographical boundaries, wherever legally compliant, taking advantage of tokenization using blockchain technology to rapidly build a 1st class real estate portfolio.

Our members are incentivized to identify opportunities in markets where they can add most value and work alongside the Bricklayer team to validate and tokenize all potential acquisitions.

Innovating the Real Estate Sector

Bricklayer pioneers the combination of the breakthrough potential of VA to the acquisition of a high profile and high yielding real estate portfolio. This peer-to-peer platform leverages blockchain architecture to allow uniquely democratized access to real estate assets normally reserved for a select subset of institutional investors.

For decades, the working wage has not inflated at the same pace as real estate values. Thus, multiple generations have started to embrace the blockchain industry because of the low-entry barrier and lucrative opportunities it presents. Nevertheless, one of the main points of apprehension to this nascent adoption is the frustration of market volatility and industry damaging ‘Rug-Pull’ and ‘Pump & Dump’ scenarios among other fraudulent schemes. Bricklayer will take advantage of this volatility whilst embodying the highest levels of trust through democratic input and prioritizing transparency.

Building a Democratized Ecosystem

Bricklayer sets a new benchmark for both blockchain and real estate enthusiasts to create a self-empowered democratized ecosystem, eliminating the corporate boardroom and bridging the gap between the interests of owner and investor, all while maximizing value and real-time strategic decision making.

The DAO structure champions the adoption of blockchain technology for enhanced problem-solving, enabling increased flexibility, adapting to evolving economic conditions.

Under the DAO governance framework, the members acquire a democratic right to influence operational strategy. Members can exercise influence over portfolio development, asset disposal, Active Participant (AP) selection, and diversification proposals via democratic vote, which operates on the “majority-rule” principle.

Furthermore, the adaptable architecture of Bricklayer DAO enables a prompt reaction time to any proposals and contributions, for the APs to action, if community consensus determines it advantageous.

In this pursuit, Bricklayer is determined to show that collective intelligence can successfully manage a RE fund.

AI-Powered Decision-Making

Bricklayer harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence neural networks to revolutionize our approach to Treasury acquisitions and management. Our AI is purpose-built to provide us with a competitive edge by streamlining complex due diligence and underwriting processes.

AI-Enhanced Risk Assessment: Our tailored neural network assigns a project viability score, drawing insights from vast datasets to comprehensively evaluate the risks and rewards of new opportunities.

Swift Valuation Insights: Our system conducts a thorough valuation review of all opportunities and employs predictive trend analytics to provide immediate insights into property values.

Optimize Real Estate Holdings: Bricklayer's AI helps us fine-tune our real estate portfolio, identifies avenues for cost reduction, and maximizes rental income to enhance returns.

Personalized User Experiences: By leveraging AI, we tailor member interactions, providing an enhanced and individualized experience that fosters stronger engagement and satisfaction.

Bottom Line

Our end goal is three-fold. First, we aim to become the world’s most actively serviced, occupier-focused real estate platform, incentivizing real estate enthusiasts to introduce more value-add opportunities than any other.

Second, promote AI and blockchain adoption in real estate and convince vendors to accept VA as a form of exchange in RE transactions.

Finally, once DAO maturity is achieved, our objective is to implement a profitable dividend platform to provide consistent returns to the Bricklayer member community.

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